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Acts of Joy

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Big Joy Science Project

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Acts of Joy

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Big Joy Science Project

Pleasure Activism

with adrienne maree brown

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the importance of acknowledging our ancestors and lineage as we do our work in the world, and how this can give us hope
  • Discover the power of realizing that you are the protagonist of your own story, and how to treat this as a practice
  • Reflect on the relationship between pleasure and joy, and how these qualities can uplift ourselves and others even in times of difficulty

About the speakers

adrienne maree brown

adrienne maree brown grows healing ideas in public through her multi-genre writing, her music, and her podcasts. Informed by 25 years of movement facilitation, somatics, Octavia E. Butler scholarship, and her work as a doula, adrienne has nurtured Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, Radical Imagination, and Transformative Justice as ideas and practices for transformation. She is the author/editor of seven published texts and the founder of the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, where she is now the writer-in-residence.

Lucas Johnson, MDiv

Lucas Johnson, MDiv, is Executive Vice President, Public Life & Social Healing for the On Being Project. He has deep, global experience in conflict resolution and community organizing. He has been shaped by his time learning from veterans of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., most closely Vincent Harding and Dorothy Cotton, and by his work with human rights activists around the world, especially in Africa, Europe, and Latin America. For six years, Lucas was a leader in the U.S. community of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), the world’s oldest interfaith peace organization — based in Atlanta and focused on the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. From 2014 until he joined the On Being Project in December, 2018, he served as General Secretary of IFOR’s global operation. He incubated a Beloved Communities Project in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium; and helped to create an Ethics of Reciprocity initiative with the United Nations. Lucas studied at Mercer University and Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. He was born in Germany in a military family, grew up in Georgia (U.S.), and now resides between Amsterdam and the United States.

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  • I would like to see all these interviews posted online/ facebook, twitter, etc just find a way to get these out farther….. not that I’m advocate, for either of those things perhaps n p r etc. enjoying all of these. love to world. and all those spreading these words

  • You know that theoretical question people ask… “if you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?”… I think I just found two new contenders right there. Adrienne and Lucas… you are two beautiful souls changing the world. I (from Brisbane, Australia) am not familiar with either of you, but you’ve both just changed me in a very short space of time. Thank you. In 12 months from now, your work and contributions to the world will be very familiar to me.

  • together, let us wonder and create a new story in practice with each other. find the role you play in the story and know it matters. <3

  • This conversation is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for creating this and sharing it with the world. I feel more hopeful and also loved adrienne marie’s laughter and Lucas’ smile. With much gratitude for all this work.

  • This has been the most beautiful, love-filled conversation.
    Thank you both for your evident joy. Moving and delightful.

  • Thank you, thank you for this conversation. I nodded my head a lot, and a shift occurred in my conscience as I listened to you. Strong, determined, and insightful.

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