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Acts of Joy

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Big Joy Science Project

Sharing Our Communally-Created Song from Day 2 Live Workshop “Talking ‘Bout Joy”

with Luc Reynaud

Subtitles Available!

What you'll learn

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our “Creating a Joy Song” live workshop on Day 2 of the summit.  We’re so happy to share this completed version of the song we created together, which Luc has titled “Talking ‘Bout Joy.”  

We would love to create a community chorus/ sing along video with all who would like to collaborate.  If you feel called, we invite you to record yourself singing along, in unison or harmony, to the whole song or just the chorus.  Or alternatively, you could also just hum and move or dance.  We will play with editing your submissions into a community video. 

Click here to record yourself singing along >>

We also know that there are many talented musicians who attended the workshop and Luc has remarked that there were enough amazing lines to write many songs and go in many creative directions…. We would love to hear where your inspiration has led you. 

Click here to record your own version of our communal joy song or your own cover/interpretation of Luc’s version>>

If you’d like a copy of the lyrics and chords in Luc’s recorded version you can download them here

If you’d like to see the original google doc with all of our notes from the workshop and a transcript of the chat you can access it here



About the speakers

Luc Reynaud

Luc Reynaud is an international musician-singer-songwriter, producer, music therapist, humanitarian, and public speaker who lives by the code that anything is possible if we do not limit ourselves. Luc’s start in music-service came after writing a song called The Freedom Song with a group of youth in a Hurricane Katrina evacuation shelter in Louisiana while volunteering through Red Cross. The Freedom Song garnered international success after two time Grammy Award–winning artist Jason Mraz recorded a cover of the tune and brought the story around the world. Seeing first hand the powerful and positive effects music and creativity had on humans moving through trauma, Luc began his mission to take this service everywhere needed. He founded a band called Luc and the Lovingtons and co-founded an organization called The Goodness Tour: Music and Art for People Facing Adversity. He continues to dedicate his life to this service.

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  • This was spectacular to create joy out of darkness in community with a thousand others! Thank you! (My line was smelling my baby’s head 😊)

  • Luc, you did a fantastic job–thank you so much! I was one of the participants of the songwriting workshop; it was such a joy and honor to participate; I was singing the preliminary version of the song all the rest of the day. I have gotten so much from the Global Joy Summit and am so grateful to everyone involved. <3

  • Beautiful! It was so joyful to be a part of the creation of the song and to hear it at the closing of the summit. Thank you, Luc! ….and thank you to all those bringing joy and wisdom to the world.

  • Thank you Luc for co-creating and playing this beautiful joy song. I love music and have been learning to play guitar for some time so, this was a surreal experience. I would be learning to play it with my guitar and hope to share this by playing it to many people i come across. This song will bring so much joy. Loved this ❤️

  • What a wonderful experience to live all together. Myriam’s story behind the song moved me deeply and the joy that was born from it even more. Like a butterfly waiting inside…. Thank you for this beautiful song Luc Reynaud who is shining through today UK grey sky.

  • Thank you so much, it was so much fun and love in participation of this beautiful and original event.
    I would love to repeat workshop like this …so uplifting

  • Listening to the melody, I felt more of a melancholy than joy. Maybe because I was expecting to hear happy major chords, at least in the refrain. But it’s an ok improv song.

  • Fantastic collaborative expression of joy! I hope to wake up singing it again! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  • Thank you everyone for such a joyous time. The entire summit was wonderful and hopefully we all have spread more love & joy around the world. Namaste … May we each live from love & joy!

  • With your song, the summit felt like best topping on a very nice and tasty ice cream.Love you Mr.Luc Reynaud

  • what a summit with such amazing people, that brings not only joy but gives me hope for the people, hope for the world

  • Great Summit. I didn’t get to listen to all the speakers but the ones I listed to were great. Thank you all for sharing. Special thanks to His Holiness. Buddhism changed my life . We are not perfect but it is up to us to become better human beings . Thank you again .

  • Luc you made me cry. You are a bright light in these dark times. I love the Joy Song. Thank you for all that you do to help others through the arts. I am glad that I know who you are now. Thank you for being here with us on the Joy Summit. You have a beautiful voice and message. You are a blessing to others.

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