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Ubuntu: A Essential Key to Healing Our Planet In Crises

with Mamphela Ramphele, MD and Reverend Mpho Tutu van Furth

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What you'll learn

  • Explore the African philosophy of Ubuntu, and how it can deepen our relationships with one another and our planet
  • Reflect on how we can use the current planetary crises that we face as a wakeup call to relearn what it really means to be human
  • Discover the relationship between joy and forgiveness, what forgiveness means in the language of ubuntu, and how this differs from forgiveness in western terms
  • Hear ​​how ancient wisdom teaches us that interconnectedness is an existential need, not only a spiritual idea

About the speakers

Mamphela Ramphele, MD

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, MD, has had a celebrated career as an activist, medical doctor, academic, businesswoman and political thought leader. Dr. Ramphele was Co-Founder, with Steve Biko, of The Black Consciousness Movement that reignited the struggle for freedom in South Africa. She is Co-Founder of ReimagineSA, Co-President of The Club of Rome, and Chair at the Desmond Tutu IP Trust. She has received numerous national and international awards acknowledging her scholarship and leading role in promoting the empowerment of women, youth, and other oppressed  people in South Africa and globally. She is the author of several books and publications on socio-economic issues in South Africa.   Learn more:

Reverend Mpho Tutu van Furth

The Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu van Furth is an episcopal priest, artist, author, accomplished public speaker, and retreat facilitator. She is the Founding Executive Director of the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. With her wife, Marceline, she has established the Tutu Teach Foundation to enhance access to opportunity for women. Ms. Tutu van Furth and her wife live in the Netherlands. They have four children and two (amazing) grandchildren.

Shankari Goldstein

Shankari is a 500 hour Yoga teacher, activist, artist, farmer, and is currently studying herbalism. Her passions for unconventional and regenerative farming include growing medicinal herbs, cultivating contemplative green spaces for healing, and managing over 100 animals on over 200 acres. She also works with the Mind & Life Institute developing programming and content. Her current projects include the webinar series Inspiring Minds and The State of Union Yoga Address, which featured community activists, researchers, and contemplative practitioners. She has interviewed such thought leaders as Ruth King, John Kabat-Zinn, Rhonda Magee, Amishi Jha, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Elissa Epel, Jack Kornfield, DJ Drez, Marti Nikko, Richard Freeman, Reggie Hubbard, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Faith Hunter, Dianne Bondy, Sharon Salzberg, and Dr. Gail Parker. From 2016 – 2020 she was the director of Shensara Yoga and Music festival. She has also hosted events featuring world class speakers in dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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  • COVID, as any other catastrophe or disaster, teach us humility and ground us as one. Education has to be about caring for one another, assisting those in need, and become better human beings.
    The path to truth and reconciliation in Canada has already started and the healing process will take a while. Generational trauma cannot be erased with a brush but can be used to unify people and get support for those who are suffering.

  • Love the dog comment “god sentient being”. I have two pups trying to get my attention, Entire topic is so important to shift schools, peoples attitudes beliefs takes time. Teach forgiveness, mutual respect, collaboration, connectedness. Rue opening discussion, 🥰

  • Truly grateful for this session that truly articulates the core of humanity and existence at this time. Gratitute.

  • Thank you for the essence of that which can manifest pure JOY if we choose to live with such integrity and care for al around and in us. Gratitude.

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom of Ebuntu and the call to change our relationships with each other and dear Mother Earth.

  • As an educator for 37 years (mathematics), I would submit that the values and culture of ubuntu needs to start in early childhood education. Traditional academics introduced after this would organically be learned through community rather than an individualistic approach. What if mathematics and science were learned as a part of being stewards of our planet and beyond?

  • Thank you. The symbol of infinity is an easy reminder for equal ground, and constant exchange of power. Embrace and release.

  • How amazing to hear these two beautiful women speak about Ubuntu. As Namibian born in appartheid times. I have traveled a long road to be joyful in each moment, is a challenge in each moment

  • We don’t make peace by talking with our friends. We make peace by being in conversation with our enemies. Profound, strong words not many have the courage to say. Thank you Reverend Mpho!

  • Thank you so much for sharing with us the wonderful, spiritual, and joyous realm of Ubuntu. I was truly moved and enlightened by this conversation.

  • Thank you for this teaching. I first heard about Ubuntu a few months ago in relation to the healing of generational wounds in the form of “because of you, me” and have been curious about the larger framework around the concept.

    Seeing “I am because you are” as it relates to other sentient beings, the environment and society in general is so beautiful. Living from this awareness transforms, heals and has the power to bring me/us into right relation with all.

    May it be so.

  • To learn or relearn how to truly be human beings deeply touched me as I work as a highschool teacher and meet young people who lost their hope for the future. The need to reconnect to each other in ubuntu is urgent and now I wonder where to begin.

  • Wonderful, insightful thoughts and teachings. I hope they resonate and ignite our desire to put them into practice.

  • Loved Dr. Ramphele’s comment about letting go of “our need to dominate”. That mindset help by too many people in the world has got to change. As Dr. Ramphele stated, “The belief that you can enter another’s home or country and extract what you want has got to end”. Thanks for bringing this concept to our attention. Peace waits on the other side of letting go of domination.

  • I believe that this was one of the most beautiful conversations I’ve ever heard. I am nearly speechless and yet I know my voice is needed. Thank you so very much for these wise and beautiful words shared by such wise and beautiful women!

  • Diálogo e reflexões maravilhosas sobre o resgate da sensibilidade e da humanização em detrimento ao materialismo e a superficialidade nas relações humanas. O mundo pacífico e colaborativo é uma aspiração e uma conquista árdua. Ubuntu resgata a nossa humanidade. “Eu sou porque nós somos”!

  • There is a mathematicians’ joke that goes like this:
    What did Zero say to the Eight?
    Reply: Nice belt.
    It always seemed that in Zero’s words there was nothing hurtful, rather there was – kindness.

    So, maybe in the number world Ubuntu might look like this:

    What did Eight say to Infinity?
    Eight: Can I give you a hand up?
    Infinity: Yes, thank you. But first come see my view from here.
    Eight: Okay. Can I bring Zero too?
    Infinity: Oh yes!
    Zero: Along with all the other numbers?
    Infinity nods and smiles…

  • Hearing these heartfelt words from amazing women who live from their soul, it is life changing and so badly needed in our current world. Bless you!

  • Wow what amazing beautiful women! Wise, strong powerful women. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Shankari you did an amazing job in reflecting, summarising, and respecting the truth that has been shared. Much love and joy to you all.

  • What a joyful experience to listen to these 3 wise women. As an educator working with children in our ngahere or forest I loved your perspectives on how education needs to change. We sit in a circle and express our gratitude. It is such an honour to listen to these children expressing their gratitude for trees, the sun the rain and often each other! Thankyou for sharing, very much appreciated from Aotearoa, NZ.

  • Such a privilege to listen to Dr Ramphela and Rev Tutu , their wisdom & knowledge is pure inspiration. Thank you, thank you : i am because you are xxx

  • Well spoken, LADIES! That was an inspiring, enlightening and truly encouraging conversation. Thank you very much for stating the facts so plainly. The unfinished business calls for conscious and responsible action conducive to true reconciliation and, forgiveness after sincere acknowledgement of deliberate wrongs done! Only then joy and peace that could be fully experienced will ensue… So, let’s intend for a global awakening and an unshakable willingness to start building a brighter future, eventually, by the Grace of God!
    Love and blessings.
    Namaste! 🙏🌷🤗💖

  • Simplemente maravilloso escucharlas, sentir, emocionarse con tremendas verdades. Gracias, gracias, gracias! Conmovida, inspirada, con esperanza en seres humanos que como ustedes, hacen florecer las mejores cualidades en tiempos difíces.
    Bendiciones desde Buenos Aires.

  • In a Summit of Joy which filled us with inspiration, this may have been among the most inspiring for me. Thank you so very very much….

  • wow. it has taken me 2+ hours to get through this video, and i’m not done yet!!! NOT out of boredom, but from having to pause and write down SO MUCH WISDOM!!! These women are amazing, and I have learned more in this dicussion alone than in the whole summit! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • Thank you so much! This deeply touched my soul and gives profound inspiration, hope and the energy to continue this journey in helping and healing each other and the world. We are one. Thank you!

  • A poem I wrote many years ago:

    I feel the warmth of the sun penetrating my soul

    I see the ever changing dance of the clouds, in my mind

    I taste the sweetness of the blessed rains

    I know the soothing voice of the winds in the mountains

    I hear the silence of the newly fallen snow

    I acknowledge the primordial stirrings of the silvery full moon

    I am the Earth and the Earth is me

    To see God in Nature is to see God in Oneself

    Rejoice and feel the Ecstasy

  • That was a masterclass in humanity. We are beautifully made is a profound message that each human being needs to resonate with. The school system needs to change as we know that the children can change this world and clean up this toxic mess that we left them. I am in awe of all three of you Goddesses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • Thank you for this profound and elegant conversation with two inspirational, articulate, dedicated leaders. Beautifully moderated. God bless you for your service to other human beings, especially children.

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom, compassion and COURAGE, and for connecting with so many of us around our world. Abundant joys to each of one of you. from a grateful heart.

  • From a fellow South African who grew up under Apartheid thank you for this wonderful, wise talk shared in the true spirit of Ubuntu.

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