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Acts of Joy

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Big Joy Science Project

Find out which micro acts of joy work best for you in 7 min x 7 days

Acts of Joy

You’re invited to join:

Big Joy Science Project

Experiencing Unconditional Joy: A Meditative Approach

with Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW

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What you'll learn

  • Discover “essence love” — an inexhaustible source of joy that is within every one of us, and can be accessed at any time
  • Learn how to move through blockages to joy by examining negative beliefs about ourselves with insightful kindness. 
  • Be led in a guided practice of welcoming unconditional joy, and explore how tapping into this joy allows us to more compassionately show up for others.

About the speakers

Tsoknyi Rinpoche

For over three decades, Tsoknyi Rinpoche has been teaching students worldwide about the innermost nature of mind in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and more recently, how to be a healthy human being with his course Fully Being. Widely recognized as an outstanding meditation teacher, he is the author of many books: Open Heart Open Mind, Carefree Dignity, Fearless Simplicity, Why We Meditate, Ground Path Fruition, How Mindfulness Works and Solid Ground.

Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW

Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW, is a contemplative social scientist designing, delivering, and evaluating tools to support emotional awareness in the fields of health care, well-being, and technology. Eve draws from interdisciplinary skills and first-person experiential knowledge rooted in clinical social work, integrative medicine, contemplative science, and meditation. Eve is lead teacher for Cultivating Emotional Balance, well-being lead on the health team at Apple, Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and a fellow at the Mind and Life Institute.

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  • Ricochet thank you so much for this talk I loved it I wished I could have that 20 minutes or whatever it is of you speaking of the joy in the inner joy to listen over and over to get it ingrained in my head thank you thank you many blessings

  • Beautiful… Tsoknya’s concept of “mere I,” or Ssimple I”. Is what is needed to gift the essence of love back to all humans and enhance worldly matters ann relationships… 💜⚡️✨

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