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Mission: JOY Global Community Watch Party (Ended)

Acts of Joy

You’re invited to join the

Big Joy Science Project

Find out which micro acts of joy work best for you in 7 min x 7 days

Acts of Joy

You’re invited to join:

Big Joy Science Project

Global Community Watch Party

Watch the Mission: JOY Free Community Screening!

Plus, a special Welcoming Gathering with:

  • Rev. Mpho Tutu van Furth: Daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Thupten Jinpa: Principal English translator to the Dalai Lama
  • Peggy Callahan: Producer & co-director, Mission: JOY
  • Doug Abrams: Co-author, The Book of Joy
 Opens Nov. 13th at 12:00p EST(Replays available for 48 hours)

The 48-hour watch party begins in:


Please note, the 48-Hour Free Screening is officially closed. Please


Thank you everyone! The 48-Hour Community Watch Party has now ended.

The movie is no longer available on this page, but you can watch the trailer video and read 1000+ community comments below. Please come join us at the FREE Global Joy Summit, airing now!

Watch the Official Movie Trailer:

Watch the official Mission: JOY Trailer:

Press play below. If you’re joining late, you can rewind the YouTube video to find the beginning of the movie!

Subtitles Available!

This free community screening has ended. To learn about the film and rent/purchase it, visit the Mission: JOY website>>

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Free for 48-Hours!

Duration: 90 minutes

About Mission: JOY

Join us as we are brought inside the poignant and laughter-filled friendship of the two self-described ‘mischievous brothers,’ who have faced oppression, exile, death threats, cancer, and more, yet came out the other side as two of the most joyful human beings on the planet.

Their life stories and practical wisdom remind us that Joy is an inside job, that Joy and sorrow are inseparable, and that one of Joy’s secrets is deep connection with others.

Produced by an Academy Award winning team, invite your friends or make some new ones – you won’t want to miss it!

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Free for 48-Hours!

This free community screening is part of the Global Joy Summit, hosted by