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Day 1
Mission: JOY Global Community Watch Party (Ended)

Acts of Joy

You’re invited to join the

Big Joy Science Project

Find out which micro acts of joy work best for you in 7 min x 7 days

Acts of Joy

You’re invited to join:

Big Joy Science Project

Live Interactive Workshop

Ten Rhythms of Joy

with Rachel Bagby, JD

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We're Live Now!

This 1 hour live interactive workshop will be hosted via Zoom. The call recording will be posted here as well after initial airing. 

A link to join the Zoom meeting will appear here on this page 20 minutes before the event begins! 

Click below to join the Zoom meeting to participate! You will be placed in the “Waiting Room” until the meeting begins.

The live workshop has ended, but you can view the recording of this session below. Enjoy!

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What you'll learn

Imagine becoming a joy-filled wisdom catcher – in through the all the senses and out through the tongue. In this interactive session on Zoom, guided by celebrated vibralinguist Rachel Bagby, we’ll nourish our global community’s power to invoke and receive joy’s many gifts. 

Join us as we collaboratively play with honing what touched us deeply during the Summit and crafting 10 poetic syllables that we will have the option to share with each other and bless out loud.

About the speakers

Rachel Bagby

Rachel Bagby is an author, award-winning vocal artist, Stanford Law graduate and Co-Founder of Bagby, Davidson and Associates. Founder of Singing Farm Sanctuary, she has combined her improvisational mojo with living systems wisdom in advising social change innovators for over 30 years. Dekaaz facilitation is a contemplative form and practice Rachel created that distills the essence of experience into ten syllables of sharable wisdom. Honoring her ancestors’ legacy of reaching across multiple lines of financial, cultural, racialized and spiritual wisdom to realize true freedom, her creative processes galvanize communities to cultivate social healing towards a more just and joyful world.

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  • Crack open the hardened place in my heart. Hardened by apolitical , warrior, hater, divider, and just plain mean spirits. But the POWER of JOY can melt the crispy places and turn it into a river of love and acceptance. As a child I sang —- I’ve got the Joy joy joy joy down in my heart to stay …and i am so happy. Si very happy. Sing sing sing

  • Good morning! I’ve been sharing this summit with EVERYONE I know! PLUS, I’ve transformed my own inner Joy and remind myself everyday, my Joy comes from within and my connection to God! Together, we push out light, love, energy and Joy if we already create that bundle of JOY within! I’m so grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to listen to this wonderful summit! I’m working away and keep tuning in! SO GRATEFUL! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

  • Wonderful, joyful and creative heart singing filled session. Mahalo Nui Loa Rachel Bagby for honoring your deep nurturing connection to a sacred mountain which guided the Ten Rhythms of Joy and to go and share.

    Everyone’s joyful song within touched me deeply.

    A Sacred mountain also nurtured me due to betrayal and this deepened my trust and friendship with The Cosmos, Nature and All Creatures Great and Small.

    My heart
    Is nurtured
    Bright 🗻Mauna Kea’s Love

    The breeze
    Flows bringing
    Joyful Singing Light

    The Trees
    Birds flying freely

  • Hey Global Joy Summit,my name is Junior Karwea Payne I’m from Liberia 🇱🇷 and I’m a very young determine guy, I’m having my organization name Payne’s Foundation International I would like to link up with you for metal support to my organization.

  • আমি ভারতবর্ষের পশ্চিম বঙ্গের কলকাতা শহরের অধিবাসী। বাংলায় joy উচ্চারণ জয়। জয় means hail. Joy মানে বাংলায় আনন্দ। আমরা আনন্দিত।

  • I really enjoyed the global joy summit. I especially liked the idea that the Dalai Lama had to show compassion for all people including your enemies. I hope you do this event again.